What Makes Me Different

Personalized Service


You deserve someone you can connect with and who is likable. I do my best to explain taxes in plain English, not just technical terms and IRS code sections. I promise to return phone calls and emails timely, even if it's tax season. I listen carefully to your concerns, how you feel, and make honest suggestions. I won't always tell you what you want to hear, we all need a good kick in the pants once in a while! Yes, this is serious business we're in together, but let's not take ourselves too seriously. An uncanny sense of common sense and doing the next right thing usually prevails and keeps us on the straight and narrow path together. I'm committed to being your perfect fit!

Small Business Focused


I'm passionate about helping the small business owner and the self-employed. This has been a focus of my expertise serving the Las Vegas Valley for the past 14 years. I realize it's hard to maintain profits today in self-employment, never mind if a policy change in Washington drastically increases taxes in the near future. The small business owner can feel alone, like no one is listening when it comes to tax and bookkeeping problems or any other myriad of issues. Use me to leverage my experiences and brainstorm together if it's outside of my expertise, I can help you assemble and quarterback a team of advisers, whether it's legal or other consulting professionals to formulate solutions to your business challenges. Where time is money I can save you both. Run your business, and leave your tax and accounting needs to me.



You will benefit from the value and results that my experience and expert qualifications deliver at an affordable price. Let's agree up-front on a billing arrangement with flexible terms that works for both of us. Whether it's a fixed-price for packaged services, or an hourly rate, No one size fits all. I'll never sell you services that you don't need or want. I like to avoid surprises, be transparent and up-front about pricing, and tailor my services to your needs. The result is no "mystery" invoices or discount haggling later. Many accountants aren't very good at this, some are just lousy business entrepreneurs. I'm committed to being different and creative here and letting the value shine through, so we both win! I'm never too busy to ask for a good new client referral, so ask me about my referral program.


Let's get started. So you don't have to ever lose sleep over this again!
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