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I prepare high-quality tax returns for individuals (Form 1040), corporations, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, payroll, Forms 1099, and more. IRS tax compliance is so important today. Let me help you sleep at night by managing and reducing your IRS risk by reporting your income and deductions properly and accurately on a professionally-prepared tax return. I’ve been preparing tax returns for over 23 years and have seen just about everything. Our politicians constantly promise “tax simplification” and a tax return so easy to prepare it can be filed on a post-card. Did you know that the latest post-card form attempt resulted in six new additional schedule attachments to the 2018 Form 1040? N’uff said!


Stay in front of the ever-changing IRS tax rules with me as your trusted tax adviser.  Let me assist you with analyzing and structuring your personal financial and business transactions and investments, formulating solutions to problems, and making recommendations. You need to understand the tax effects of each financial and business decision, before you pull the trigger. Thinking of selling your home or rental property? Keep me on speed dial and I’ll work up your estimated after-tax cash flow! Let’s schedule a year end planning meeting each December to avoid surprises come April 15!
My extensive tax planning and advisory experience includes assisting clients with:  
  • Quarterly IRS estimated tax and preparing income tax projections; focusing on self-employed and small business owners;
  • Tax impact of income and deductions, contributions, major purchases and sales of investments;
  • Tax ramifications of real estate dealings and 1031 like-kind property exchanges;
  • Choice of business entity and business ownership structuring involving tiered entities, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts
  • Retirement planning options;
  • Taxation of employee stock options and restricted stock exercises;
  • Tax consequences of acquiring and selling existing businesses and business assets;
  • Tax efficiency of proposed gifts and charitable contribution strategies;
  • Programs for planning for college;
  • International taxation, foreign investments and related reporting (e.g. FBAR), expatriation, and cross-border transactions;
  • Taxation of U.S. investments and source income for non-U.S. residents and expats
  • Estate and trust tax planning.
Industries I have served include: 
  • Professional gamblers and professional poker players
  • Real estate rentals, agents, developers, flippers, brokers, and investors
  • Health care, medical groups, physicians, dentists, attorneys, and other consulting services
  • Retail and restaurant
Just to name a few big ones.  As a CPA working in Las Vegas since 2002, I’ve seen the broad spectrum of nearly every type of small business out there! The IRS tax code and its constant changes can be overwhelming. Let’s work through it together.
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Whether you need the formal preparation of a CPA-issued financial statement, a periodic analysis of your business or household P&L, or bookkeeping consulting using QuickBooks or even the back of envelopes, let me be your Accounting Coach. Keeping clean, efficient, accurate records is the key to managing your cash flow and operating your business. I want you to understand your financials and use them as your business management tool. Accounting is the language of business! So many other important business dealings also depend on good accounting records too, such as obtaining bank loans, paying state sales taxes, reviewing your licensing with the state Contractor’s Board or other regulatory agency, and filing accurate IRS income tax returns to save you taxes! Poor accounting records can backfire quickly and cost you money in many ways besides lost tax deductions and extra tax return preparation fees. Business opportunities can be lost for failure to provide complete and accurate financial data. Your IRS audit risk increases significantly. You can just plain feel out of control. Let me help you sleep at night by getting and staying organized before April 15 knocks! I can prepare compiled or reviewed financial statements and provide most bookkeeping services, depending on your specific needs. I’ll recommend a solution that is tailored to your business and recordkeeping needs. I work closely as a team with a certified QuickBooks Pro Adviser.


The U.S. federal tax code is one of the most complicated, ever-changing systems on earth. Plus, Nevada and the other states also of course have their own tax regimes. All this has ramifications for business and individuals. With this extreme complexity lies lots of room for controversy. I navigate these complexities and negotiations all the time, and can help you achieve the best possible outcome.  

“Don’t ever walk into court without an attorney!” is one of my Dad’s favorite sayings. “There shall be no taxation without representation!” cried our nation’s founding fathers. Hire me to represent you before the tax authorities, whether its an IRS or state audit, other routine mail correspondence, penalty abatement request, tax collection installment arrangement, or a potential Offer in Compromise negotiation. I understand and am familiar with the process, will lay out the best options, and set realistic expectations.


Choosing the form of entity of a business (such as an S corporation, C corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.) is a crucial decision that can have long-standing tax and other business implications. Let me guide you in this business formation process before you step in any traps!

Considering recent major tax reform, the reduction in the corporation tax rate, and a new 20 percent tax deduction for S corporations, these services are needed now more than ever before!

Perhaps you recently set up a shiny, brand new LLC and a friend at a cocktail party told you, “Oh no, my accountant says you have to be an S corporation to save taxes!” Well, I’ll usually agree with that friend, even if she had a few too many martini’s. But did you know an LLC can also be an S corporation in the eyes of the IRS, at the same time? I’ll show you how to navigate these special IRS election rules and plan tax savings properly.    

I can assist you with setting up and registering your business incorporation, if a Nevada LLC or corporation is the right fit for you. If your situation is more complex, I know when we should value the addition of a legal expert to our Team, with my expertise leading from the tax side. Often we need a team of expert advisers in this area, and my business network includes quite a few good ones.  

I also have valuable experience advising on the tax consequences of buying and selling business enterprises and handling sales tax and other business state tax issues. As my client, I don’t want you to make a major business or financial move without me. I know that oftentimes the business owner feels alone and like no one’s listening! Use me to bounce off ideas and brainstorm! Chances are, I’ve helped someone in the same boat.


Let's get started. So you don't have to ever lose sleep over this again!
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