October 13, 2020


The state is offering another Covid business grant program–up to $10,000 – called the Pandemic Emergency Technical Support (PETS) Grant (link below).  Applications start Oct 19:

“The PETS grant is intended to assist businesses and organizations during the COVID-19 health crisis – especially those establishments such as bars, pubs, taverns, breweries, and wineries, restaurants, as daycare facilities, and other service oriented businesses – who have experienced temporary closures or a severe downturn in revenue.”

See the link below for more info to see if you or someone you know might qualify!!  

I noticed that only 2,000-3,000 applicants will receive the grant, so I think you’ll need to show a severe downturn in revenue to qualify.  Bars, restaurants, among the most obvious examples.  But it seems to be open to a much wider group of businesses so you might want to give it a try if you think you meet the criteria and its worth the paperwork. 


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