​In West Henderson, just 2 miles off the I-215/Eastern Avenue exit. My office building is at the corner of W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy and Coronado Center Dr., just off S. Eastern Ave. Address is 2850 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy #200, Henderson, NV 89052.

​Absolutely, I’ve served clients across the US and around the world using email and secure web portal technology for years. I’ve noticed that many accountants fumble with technology deployment and don’t cater to their clients’ evolving needs and wants in this area. I’ll provide you with an easy to use web portal which allows us to securely exchange documents. I’ve streamlined the tax return electronic signature process by using IRS-approved technology via DocuSign emails. No need to print and scan back signature pages from your end. I use software applications that are mobile friendly and easy to access by smartphone. My cloud-based software tools, such as Quickbooks Online, ensure data security and are easy to access from any device anywhere. If you insist on paper copies of your tax returns, I’ll kick and scream and try and talk you out of it, but they’re yours. I’m committed to going paperless wherever it makes good sense.

Contact me, and once we determine after an initial phone or in-person consultation that we’ll be a good fit to work together, my on-boarding process is easy. I’ll usually prepare an engagement letter that spells out our mutually agreed-upon services to be provided and their terms and cost. For larger projects in size and scope, I will ask for a good faith payment retainer in advance of performing work.

Depending on your situation, and the experience and skill of the CPA, the value of the benefit you will derive should justify and exceed the incremental cost of the services. A CPA is also most qualified to provide you tax advisory services beyond just the preparation of an income tax return.  Yes, a non-CPA income tax preparer may be less expensive. However, a CPA is bound and committed to uphold the values, quality, and reputation of the profession. These values include integrity and due care, objectivity, professional competence, and confidentiality. This translates into the extra value that you deserve. Personally, I usually trust the age-old saying that you get what you pay for when shopping for professional services. So, I follow the golden rule in providing you the level of service and quality that I would demand from my own servicer provider. I’ve met many new clients over the years who came to me to clean up the IRS wreckage caused by poor tax return preparation or bookkeeping, whether by an incompetent accountant or self-prepared. This can be much more costly than hiring a good CPA from the start! However, if your tax situation is very straight-forward, you may well be in good hands with a non-CPA tax preparer or do-it-yourself tax software. I’ll never try and sell you something you don’t need. If you’re not sure, talk to me about your situation, and I’ll advise you as to what I believe is in your best interest.
​Tax advisory service includes analyzing financial and tax problems or transactions, formulating solutions, and making recommendations designed to provide advice on taxation for clients ranging from individuals to businesses. Tax planning helps us to understand the tax consequences of each financial decision. Examples include preparation of income tax projections, assistance with IRS quarterly estimated tax payment requirements, and planning for taxes owed on asset sales such as real estate properties. For individuals, I believe these services are most useful for those who are self-employed or have a significant amount of net worth or own sophisticated investments. All business owners, big or small, in my opinion, need tax advisory services given the complexity and ever-changing nature of the tax code and IRS compliance.
After we define the tax, accounting, and other business services that you want and need, I’ll explain the value and benefit that you will receive in return from my experience and expertise. No one price fits all. I think most accountants are lousy at valuing their services and setting clear price expectations up front (yes, I’ve seen the TV commercials too and agree..).  I strive to be truly different and better in this area and 100% transparent. We can agree to a fixed price, an estimated range/not to exceed price based on time incurred, or an hourly billing rate (usually $150-$200 per hour), or a blended method of all the above. I will tailor your service package to your needs and budget. For a straight-forward individual tax return (Form 1040), I set a minimum price of around $300.  For monthly or other periodic as-needed business bookkeeping or accounting analysis, I find $150-$300/mo. is an average range. If you are very price-sensitive, keep in mind that well-organized, good recordkeeping and being responsive to questions can help reduce your costs. It’s a two-way street of responsibility to maximize efficiency. If you’re just starting out on your own business venture, I understand that money is tight, so I’m willing to invest in you as a valued client for years to come.  Let’s talk through price options that fit.
This depends on the size and scope of the work to be performed- for the preparation of a relatively straight-forward tax return, or other low-complexity project, I usually ask for full payment upon delivery. For more complex engagements, I request an initial fee retainer to get started, up to half of the estimated value of the service, with the remainder due on completion. I’m committed to staying flexible with payment terms that work best for both of us; let’s talk and work something out.

In most cases, yes, if e-filing, this can work well for both of us and the extra fee is negligible. 

First, we stay calm, the building isn’t necessarily on fire yet. But clearly, time is of the essence. At our initial consultation, we will usually execute an IRS Power of Attorney so I can dial in to IRS to assess the damage and make a good faith pledge that you are committed to getting caught up. You should gather your records and I will request IRS transcripts that may fill in any missing pieces. Even if you haven’t received any IRS notices in the mail, it doesn’t mean you’re off the radar, perhaps your address isn’t current in their files. IRS will notify us of your last years’ tax return filed and where you stand in the non-filer or enforced collection process. Then, we request a realistic and reasonable amount of time to get returns filed and arrange to pay any taxes owed, using installment options if necessary. I find 30 days to be a good finish line target for us. Not so bad, right?
Your tax return always has some chance of an IRS audit that may occur for a variety of reasons. Audits can be a random fact of life; or may be triggered by the inherent high-risk nature of many different types of complex financial transactions or unusual tax deductions. I am available to represent you before the IRS and can handle this process for you as efficiently as possible. You can stay prepared for this potential road hazard by keeping good, well-organized records and receipts. Financial records with high integrity will go a long way to get the best possible results!
I recommend 7 years, then shred. IRS generally has up to six years to audit a filed tax return. Certain records should be kept indefinitely, such as real property closing statements, other cost basis records such as improvements made to a residence, and business agreements like contracts and leases or incorporation documents. When in doubt, ask me. I’ll even let you use my office duty shredder!
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